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The Prince of Peace


Juanary 28, 2020

One of the rightful titles of Our Lord is that of Prince of Peace. This title is a clear indication that it is only through Our Lord that individually, one is able to find true supernatural peace through Our Lord Jesus Christ; secondly, the world will only have peace when it recognizes Our Lord’s rightful place in society.

It is a common belief that the world is at peace when nations are not at war with each other. On one level this is true. On another, it requires a true conversion of hearts and souls before peace is able to reign from pole to pole.

The world today would have you believe that political or governmental decisions are the only way to have peace. It is true that God uses men as His instruments, but the thoughts of men may also be those of Our Lord’s. How often as He guided the machinations of governments through the work of its leaders? This, of course, is unknown, but it may safely be said that it does occur, perhaps more in the past when Catholic men were more willing to pray and have a greater sense of true justice.

To speak of the Prince of Peace necessarily means one recognizes the connection to the Kingship of Christ. In both titles one understands not just royalty but Divine Royalty. Our Lord’s Divine Royalty is a part of who He is. This cannot be separated from Him, for as having taken part in the creation of Heaven and Earth, Our Lord by Divine Right is King, therefore, a prince.

Christ’s Kingship reigns throughout the world, including all races, cultures, languages and nations. It is an unfortunate fact that most fail to understand this. They believe Our Lord is King only over Catholics.

In today’s world the thought of royalty has been greatly diminished through the efforts of the Freemasons and the Jewish Nation. The Freemasons in particular are responsible for the destruction of the Catholic monarchies in Europe and elsewhere. By striking at the monarchy, one strikes at the King and Prince.

It has become quite clear in recent years that the enemies of Our Lord have a better understanding of the Divine Royalty than do Catholics. This ignorance has made it possible for the Church’s enemies to more easily undermine Christ’s Kingdom on this earth. It must be understood by all, especially Catholics, the real struggle all face in this life on earth is one of building up and maintaining the Kingdom of Christ, the Mystical Body of Christ.

St. Paul, in his Epistle to the Ephesians reminds us that “our wrestling is not with flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.” (Chap. 6, Verses 10-13) One should not be fooled. There are men and women who knowingly do the work of Satan. They are his agents on this earth. They wish to destroy the Church, the Catholic Faith and as many souls as possible. They create as much chaos and anarchy as possible, working to overthrow all legitimate governments throughout the world and replace them with godless men and women who work to overthrow the Christian Order in society. This has been taking place for some time and continues at the present time. The unaware masses generally do not understand what is really taking place. They believe the differences between men are merely political, and in their mind, superficial. In some cases there may be an element of truth in these ideas, but ultimately the goal is usually the same even among different political parties. Our Lord’s enemies have had control of the major elements of society and government for many years.

True warriors of Christ understand this and arm themselves with grace and virtue. The battle that is being fought is a spiritual war, not a political one, nor is it one of mere economics.

In the same manner in which the Crusaders attempted to reconquer the Holy Land, must Catholics rekindle within hearts and souls the desire to recapture the Faith and fight to overcome the enemies of Holy Mother Church. Some souls may be required to give their life for Christ but this is precisely the possible price one may pay when fighting for the salvation of souls.

There is certainly a connection between the True Faith being practiced in the world and peace reigning on earth. This is truly a real-life example of cause and effect. The more Holy Masses being celebrated (NOT the New Mass), the more clergy are blessed by God. The more the Sacraments are administered and received, the more the laity are blessed with abundant graces. There is a supernatural effect which necessarily will take place in society. If clergy and laity make use of these graces there is a greater probability of peace in the world.

One is reminded that a true peace can only come from Our Lord. He is the source of true peace as He is the source of all that is good. Peace and good compliment each other. If peace exists in the hearts of men, good will be the effect of it. It is not possible for good to be the effect of war and chaos.

This is a simple lesson taught from the Holy Scriptures. Only good fruit will come from a good tree. It is not possible to get good fruit from a bad tree. God is not the source of all of the division and chaos in the world today. These things cannot come from Him. Only unity and peace come from Our Lord.

If one understands these simple principles it will be able to understand the source of today’s societal (spiritual) problems. Speaking plainly, Satan and man’s fallen nature are the causes of the problems in the world today. Contrary to the opinions of most people, politicians who exclude Divine Law, Natural Law and Moral Law are not able to properly and correctly solve man’s problems.

The only true way in which to have peace in the world is for nations and people of all backgrounds to recognize the Kingship of Christ and in turn the Prince of Peace. Governments must dedicate their work to the Blessed Trinity and Our Blessed Mother. All laws contrary to Divine, Natural and Moral Law must be eliminated. Only those laws which correspond to the aforesaid laws are to be recognized. This is the foundation for peace in the world. All who desire this peace must pray and act with their entire being.

Let the church bells someday be heard throughout the world indicating the presence of God and peace in the hearts of all men.

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM