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The Blessed Mother


June 12, 2019

Holy Mother Church has always encouraged the faithful to go to the Mother of God for all of our needs regardless of what they might be. She indeed is our spiritual Mother who never fails us in any way. There are plenty of women who bring children into this world who fail their children and who do not deserve to be called mothers. The Mother of God Mary Most Holy is the one mother who will always be there to help us.

Love for the Blessed Mother is displayed through our devotion for her. Parents would do well do teach their young children to pray to her from the time they begin to receive the Holy Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Penance.

Adult Catholics are encouraged to have a daily or regular devotion to her. Most commonly the Holy Rosary is the devotion. The Church has made this easy by promoting the Holy Rosary among the faithful for many centuries.

By the very fact that it was Holy Mary who gave us the Rosary as a means of expressing our love and devotion for her, one is assured of its many blessings and graces. History has shown that numberless prayers have been answered through this Marian devotion. Military victories have been won; marriages have been saved; nations have been spared the scourge of Islam; families have been blessed with children; virtue has been maintained or increased; souls have clearly been saved. The blessings of this devotion are great in number, but only for those who are faithful spiritual children of our Heavenly Mother.

All Catholics are in need of spiritual assistance throughout their lives. Blessed Mary is the person to whom one should go regardless of position or situation. Mothers especially should pray to her and seek her assistance each day. Speak to her as you would to a close, dear friend. Beg of her help during times of great difficulty and temptation. She will never fail you.

Pray to her when you are being greatly blessed; pray to her during your greatest joys; pray to her when you are receiving a Holy Sacrament, whether it is the only time or after many times. Never cease praying to the Holy Mother of God.

All should understand that she is the model of all supernatural virtue. Her example begins with the virtue of humility. On the occasion of the Annunciation she was asked to me the Mother of God. She responded by saying she was willing to be a servant maid! Here one sees the humility of the teenage Jewish girl who would become the Mother of the Most High.

The humility of the person is a true insight into who this person is. If he is willing to admit his unworthiness before God and men and believe it, then the foundation of holiness lies within this person. Humility is the key to one’s sanctity and salvation. Following the example of the Blessed Mother will lead to many blessings and graces. There is no such thing as a saint who is not humble.

The person who is serious about his salvation will find it easy to practice humility. He understands his sinfulness and, therefore, his unworthiness. The thought of a proud saint is a contradiction in terms.

The Mother of God is the example to all mothers. She provides the model of how to conduct herself before her husband and children. She goes about her daily duties in a quiet and prayerful manner. She is joyful in performing the simplest and most mundane tasks each day. She does not seek attention from her family and friends, but does her duties for the honor and glory of God.

These are high ideals among women, especially today. Far too many women are unnecessarily concerned with seeking attention outside the home. They say they want to make a difference in the world. Sinful pride blinds them. Vanity furthers the blindness and too often completes the devilish trap.

How often are their own children neglected because of the mother’s worldly goals. She fails to see that she is able to make the biggest difference in the world by raising saints. This is not popular or profitable in the eyes of the world, but then, the attraction of the world will always lead her to perdition.

The Holy Mother Mary provides a beautiful example of the virtues of purity and chastity. These supernatural virtues truly elevate her in the eyes of God. She is able to turn back those dreadful temptations which too often cause the downfall of marriages and families.

It would seem that far too many women fall victim to the sinful fashions and styles in today’s world. Pope Pius XII called this the “tyranny of fashion.” Do women understand the extinct to which they degrade themselves when they dress immodestly? Do they understand the sins they are guilty of when they sinfully tempt men? Do men understand the sins they too are guilty when they dress immodestly? When husbands allow their wives and daughters to dress immodestly? How many children fall into a sinful life because they were allowed to be immodest and impure?

In the Catholic home there ought to be a careful guard over purity and chastity. The parents need to be the guardians of these virtues. Speak often of the Blessed Mother and her holy virtues. Pray devotions to her each day, especially the Holy Rosary. Never allow immodest clothes in the home, whether they are for women or men.

Love the Blessed Mother. Develop a true devotion for her and pray to her each day. If you are faithful to her, she will more readily intercede for you before her Son, Our Lord.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM