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Prince of Peace


Juanary 16, 2019

The world cares little for the Holy Seasons of the Church and less for the royal titles of Our Lord. It claims to want peace around the world but does everything possible to ensure continuous war. Much is made of the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but only that which is necessary is mentioned concerning Our Lord’s Birth. It promotes gift-giving for humanitarian or sentimental reasons but knows little of its relationship with Christ’s Nativity. This is, indeed, a season filled with contradictions by those who are nothing but pretenders at best or in reality for the most, wolves in the red suit of the secular Santa.

Everyone, including those who do not have an understanding of a number of different things to find what they believe is peace, but fail because they do not use the correct means to accomplish this. The world is unable to provide peace because it is the world and knows nothing of this. Satan, and those who have evil intentions, only desire the damnation of souls which is the very opposite of peace.

This leaves us with the true and correct means of obtaining peace within the soul. It is only through and with Our Lord, the Prince of Peace. The vast majority of those living know little or nothing of Christ and many others reject Him. Their efforts to find a true peace will always be futile because they have refused the source and means by which one is able to obtain peace.

Only those who know and love Our Lord have any opportunity to find a true peace. It is not by accident that the title of Prince of Peace is used more at the time of Our Lord’s Birth than at any other time.

Only those who consider the mysteries of the Manger will in any way understand what is required for peace. A sincere love of God and the desire to detach one’s self from this world will provide a foundation for peace.

There was a reason why Our Lord was born in a manger. It was to teach the lesson that men are not able to find peace in this world through wealth, position or fame. To state this in another way, “the world cannot give what it does not have.”

There have been few wars fought for just reasons. One may conclude that the objective of unjust wars is not peace, but other nefarious purposes, i.e., money, power or control. The greatest loss in wars, whether just or unjust, is souls. How souls have been lost because of the evil of men in causing wars?

Informed Catholics know that the greatest single means of obtaining peace is being in the state of sanctifying grace. If all Catholics were in the state of grace, the world would be in a far greater spiritual state than that which it presently is. If there was a greater consideration for the state of grace and avoiding sin, wars could be voided more easily and peace could be attained in many more places.

If flows from this thought that Our Lord, the Prince of Peace does have ALL of the answers needed for peace in the world. Don’t expect governments to have the answers needed for peace especially if they are godless. They neither have the interest or means by which to establish a lasting peace.

The Catholic Church through the years has provided detailed guidelines for peace in the world, usually to prevent or stop an existing war through the Principles of Just War. Unfortunately, in recent times the Zionist Jew or the Freemason who holds the reign of power is not interested in having the Church help negotiate peace. These godless men do not want a just peace particularly one that is defined with Catholic or ethical principles.

Herein lies the ongoing battle between good and evil. These enemies of the Prince of Peace do not want peace, for when there is peace their ability to influence the masses is limited to a great degree. Chaos and anarchy are the means through which these evil men work to gain control over an ever-increasing number of naïve people. Far too many people today have been influenced by these enemies but do not have any idea how they are being used by these experts of mind manipulation mixed with evil intentions.

The Holy Seasons of Advent and Christmas are prime examples of those feasts/events which occur each calendar year. Advent is meant to be a season of spiritual preparation for Our Lord’s Birth. These godless men have purposely and successfully distorted the Advent and Christmas Seasons in such a way so as to have the non-thinking masses begin to celebrate “Christmas” on the United States holiday of Thanksgiving! A thinking, reasonable person might wonder how it is that a person’s birth can begin to be celebrated about thirty days in advance. Frankly, this is the power of mass mind manipulation through lies and repetition over many years. It must be understood, though, this would not be possible if Catholics knew their faith and were willing to stand up for it.

The masses are not only celebrating the “holiday” during a penitential season, which undermines the spiritual preparation for the holy feast of Our Lord’s Nativity and the Holy Season itself, these human devils have also convinced too many Catholics that the Christmas Season ends a few days after His Birth. Where are the clergy who should be shouting from the pulpits about the purposeful distortion and undermining of the Faith? How many of them turned off their microphones on Sunday? How many have accepted the lies of the enemies of their Master?!

The end result is a nearly complete destruction of these Holy Seasons and the proper understanding of Our Lord’s royal title of Prince of Peace. Advent has been nearly forgotten or purposely neglected and replaced with the celebration of Christmas out-of-season. The proper celebration of Christmas has been shortened and undermined. The Christmas Season begins on Christmas Eve and continues until January 13. Some will celebrate Christmastide until February 2.

All should celebrate Our Lord’s Birth during the Christmas Season. The Prince of Peace may then have the opportunity to reign in your heart has He should, and not only during the Holy Season. If the Prince reigns in the heart (and soul) of the individual, He will begin to have the intended effect in society. Let us be reminded that one will not have peace in one’s being if you do not go to the Proper Source of peace. You will not receive the effect if you do not go to the Proper Cause.

Let all celebrate the Birth of the Prince of Peace and do your part in bringing about peace in the world.

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM