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Letter from Bishop Giles Butler


Dear Friends,

We are writing to you today, to beg any financial assistance that you may be able to offer for the construction of a larger chapel and facility for our parish in Lubbock Texas. This parish is named after and under the patronage of Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi Parish is a small parish and church. Father Joseph Noonan OFM, is the pastor there and is accompanied by a seminarian who has completed his philosophical studies and is beginning his theological studies. With the construction of a larger chapel, the current building will be able to be utilized for parish functions, as well as providing much needed room for the seminary.

We might ask, why we should support a parish that is far from us, or does not provide any help directly to us? This is a fair question, but it is also an easy one. We are all members of the Mystical Body of Christ — the Holy Catholic Church. What affects one part of a body, affects the whole body. What aids one part of the Church (even a small part) aids the entire Mystical Body of Christ.

The Church has always understood this and has professed this truth. We know that the success of the missionaries was due to the prayers and sacrifices of others. The merit of conversions belongs not only to the missionaries, but also to all those who prayed and sacrificed for their success.

We realize that there are many souls who cannot attend the true Tridentine Latin Mass, and this is a great sorrow to us, however, everyone can take a part in promoting the building of a more worthy House of God, where the Sacrifice of the Mass is to be offered. There may not be much in the way of vain honor and praise for us in the enlarging of a humble Franciscan parish church, but we have no doubt that God, Who sees and knows all things, will not be outdone in generosity.

The prayers and sacrifices that we graciously and humbly make to promote the true Sacrifice of the Mass, will gain merit for us in eternity — even if we never see or set foot in the building where the Mass is to be celebrated. All the Masses that will be offered there, giving honor and glory to God, will be a blessing to all those who contribute (either materially or spiritually).

We have no doubt that the world is in great need of the merciful goodness that is poured forth in the Sacrifice of the Mass. There are few that see, understand, and seek to cooperate with God in bringing men to repentance and grace through the offering of Holy Mass. We preach and pray daily for all our people.

Father Joseph Noonan OFM, broadcasts live online and maintains recordings of the Sunday Masses given in Corpus Christi. He also runs a weekly call in radio program in Lubbock Texas. This radio program is also streamed online and is available in the archives on the website. We realize that even with this world-wide availability, Corpus Christi is still a small parish; but anyone with a good connection to the internet is able to “participate” in the Sacrifice of the Mass as it is being offered there.

A larger chapel, will allow us to produce a more worthy presentation of the Mass for those who can only unite with the True Mass in this manner; but most importantly, a larger chapel allows us to celebrate the Mass and sacraments in a manner that is more fitting and worthy of our Divine Guest, Who makes Himself present upon the Altar.

Once again, we beg of you to give any financial assistance that you can to this worthy and noble undertaking; and if you are unable to give at this time, then we beg of you to offer your prayers and sacrifices for this goal.

Though, we do not intend that this be done for the praise of others, or for a tax deduction; all donations are tax-deductible. Please send your prayers and donations to:
Corpus Christi Church
c/o Father Joseph Noonan, OFM
1114 30TH ST
Lubbock TX. 79411

May God bless you.
+Bishop Giles OFM