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Holy Mary, Pray for Us


August 10, 2017

Holy Mother Church has always implored the faithful to pray to the Blessed Mother for intercession and protection. The reason is obvious. She is the Mother of God and as such has the highest concern for the salvation of souls. Her concern for us is only second to the Blessed Trinity.

The Blessed Mother’s desire to intercede for us has been documented numberless times over the centuries. Catholics the world over have been assured through the writings of the Church as well as those of the saints.

We have been likewise told of her desire to protect each of us. She watches over us to protect our physical well-being, but is more concerned with our spiritual state of soul. There are times when the two are connected to each other, i.e., the physical harm done to a person presents grave spiritual injury of death to a soul.

Blessed Mother Mary has, in addition, been the model for the virtues of chastity, modesty and purity. This example is of significant importance regarding one’s eternal salvation. Many people go to Hell because of the opposing sins. Man has struggled with these virtues from the earliest days of his existence. Man’s weak nature is exposed in this area perhaps more so than any other.

The Flood was mainly the result of man’s sinfulness in these areas of vice. These sins have affected man and his life like no other. Sodom and Gomorrah is another example of God’s wrath regarding these sins. Where else have we witnessed the direct destruction of two cities because of the sins committed against chastity and purity.

In the present time the world has spiritually spiraled into depths which may have been previously unthinkable. The sins are not new. The depth to which they have invaded all walks of life and influenced the politically powerful in both Church and Society would seem to be unprecedented.

The troubled Modernist clergy has homosexuals throughout its ranks, from the diocesan office to the Vatican. A recent reliable report estimated that about fifty percent of the U. S. clergy is homosexual. This is simply astounding, but ultimately not too surprising when one considers that homosexuals have been systemically recruited into the “Catholic priesthood” since at least the late 1970’s. This has been documented for a number of years and apparently not denied by the Modernist hierarchy.

About thirty years ago, reports began to surface about Catholic youth, mainly boys and young men, being assaulted by Catholic priests. The news at the time shocked the Catholic world. There have been an unending number of reports of the same nature since the late 1980’s. It is known that some of the accusations have been judicially dismissed. There are far too many, though, which are apparently accurate. This is evidenced by the fact that multiple dioceses have paid out a total of about $3 billion as of 2014. According to multiple news reports, very few priests go to jail, mainly because the crime is not reported within the statute of limitations. The Modernist bishops have chosen to bankrupt their dioceses by paying out millions to quiet the victims.

The sins of the clergy are the real issue here. Clergy have always had to carry their own personal crosses in the struggle of fallen nature, but that which has occurred over recent decades has all of the signs of intentional systemic vice designed to destroy the Catholic priesthood. It must be added that once clerical discipline was undermined in the late 1960’s, the door was opened for a spiritual flood of problems and, therefore, sins.

It has been noted previously of the unfortunate parallels between the events occurring in the Church and society since the 1960’s. The issues of this article are yet another example of these parallels. Briefly, once the Modernists gained control of the Church, suppressed the True Mass and changed the Sacraments, the lack of grace changed the world. It became much easier for the devils to get people to sin.

Moral standards throughout the world have basically disappeared over the last half-century. Sins which were rare or generally hidden are now committed quite openly and boldly. Examples include abortion, contraception and living in sin instead of men and women marrying each other. The standards of modest dress ought to be included here. The lack of decency among a growing number of women of all ages is appalling in the least and simply tragic to the greatest possible degree. They seem to lack the proper understanding of their high dignity. Far too many present themselves in public as nothing more than common whores.

As shocking as these sins were in the 1960’s and 70’s, it didn’t take long for society to accept them. This would seem to be a lesson in the importance of the standards which Holy Mother Church and basic ethics or morals of life as given to us in moral law are in the everyday life of people everywhere. Once morality was undermined and Catholic clergy said little or nothing about morality (chastity, purity, modesty), the laity was left to themselves. The last fifty years has shown how weak and frail human nature is.

One should not forget the manipulation of the godless elite who pull the levers in society for an intended end. Their pursuit to destroy the morals of men is evidenced in what is currently taking place today. Newspapers, magazines and the internet are a few important examples.

There is nothing new about Satanism or Luciferianism. This diabolical religion has been with us since Man’s fall. Its end is the damnation of souls. The devils’ desire is to have men sin in any way possible, but especially through sins of the flesh. They also desire to have men adore them. Quite often, this is accomplished because men will do anything to gain wealth, fame or power.

In recent years society has witnessed a dramatic increase in homosexuality. Once sins such as adultery, fornication and common everyday promiscuity were accepted by a greater number of people, men soon accepted homosexuality. This has happened in a short span of time due to their moral corruption. Sins which had taken place in the past by mostly adults would now involve children. It wasn’t that long ago that homosexuality was unheard of among children and teenagers. It has spread like a wildfire throughout the world.

These quick changes in the world are connected to conditions in the Church. Once the hierarchy morally compromised itself, the world fell quickly. Few have made this connection which is so vital to understand the cause and effect of such matters. Contrary to many, this moral corruption is not the result of a “modern” society but a world which lacks the graces or refuses to use the available grace to overcome all such temptations.

The question of “transgenderism” would seem to be a perversion of homosexuality. It presently seems to be “fashionable” to be a transgender. This is indication of just how fast and far men have fallen.

There exist a tremendous problem with the youth and young adults being abducted into what is called today “sex-trafficking.” The young, mainly girls are kidnapped or lured into prostitution or sex slavery. These unfortunate children are trapped into this life, quite often, for many years until they are either rescued or are able to flee their captors. Drug cartels are responsible for some of this immoral activity, but the rich and powerful are also involved. As of 2016, there are an estimated eight million children worldwide and 800,000 children in the United States who are missing. Authorities believe they have been forced or coerced into the “sex-trafficking trade” which also includes pedophilia.

Pedophilia is not a new sin, for there is no such thing. The present concern is the growing number of people involved and the children who are abducted. The reader will not find a lot of news on pedophilia today because there are too many rich and powerful who are involved. They don’t want the truth to be made public. News reports as of April 2017 indicate that about 3,000 persons have been arrested. They are in some way connected to pedophilia rings.

Furthermore, Satanic rituals are involved in some of these cases. After a child is abused (this usually means multiple rapes) he or she is ritually murdered by these disgusting demonic deviants. Americans are woefully ignorant of these Satanic rituals. In all likelihood, these rituals have probably always taken place but in recent years it would seem they have increased dramatically. Honest law enforcement agencies have confirmed the Satanic connections to sex-trafficking as well as those children who have escaped the hands of these evil persons.

There have also been an unknown number of children who have been raised for the sole purpose of either being ritually sacrificed or of becoming sex slaves. There are some cases where the slavery begins while the child is still an infant. The same can be said of the human sacrifice.

Catholics ought to take this information and understand the vital necessity of storming Heaven, especially with prayers to the Blessed Mother. She is the model of chastity and purity, and as such she will do all in her power to protect these innocent victims from these heinous crimes. The crimes committed against children at this time would seem to be unprecedented. As we pray for an end to abortion, homosexuality and other immoral practices of our time, please remember these children in your prayers. How many souls are lost and lives ruined in obviously unknown.

One is reminded of the words of Our Lord when the disciples wanted to dismiss the children from His presence, “Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come to me: for the kingdom of heaven is for such.” (St. Matthew, 19;14)

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM