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Generational Loss of Faith


July 13, 2018

Reader’s Note: Fr. Joseph visited Catholics in England and the Czech Republic in late April/early May of this year. The following article was written while he was visiting in the Czech Republic.

The thoughts are not particularly new. The information is not “Breaking News.” What is different is seeing the universal or international effects of known facts of the past and present.

One of the first changes by the Modernists was to remove and replace the teaching of the Catholic Faith to students of all ages, from elementary to college age youth.

This writer experienced this first-hand in a parochial school in the mid-1960’s. If I wasn’t blessed with good Catholic parents, I fear to think where I would be today. I would also like to mention that my parents were not highly educated, but did know the Faith, and came to know when something wrong was being taught. This observation is noted here to counter the argument that a parent needs to know the Faith so well that they are able to counter every argument which comes their way. This is hardly possible for most any parents.

Yes, it is better to know the Faith well, but when this is not the case, knowing the simple difference between the Faith and heresy can mean the difference between retaining the Faith and losing it. To say it another way, how many Catholic parents kept their children in the “Catholic” schools either because they didn’t know the Faith or trusted those who would quickly indoctrinate their children in a new religion which is not Catholic.

Since this began to occur in the 1960’s, how many generations have grown up with little or no religion? I believe one can safely say two generations. Looking back it seems generally that those who were taught in the 60’s and 70’s knew some of the basics of the Faith but not much more.

Before long this generation married and began to have children. These children were sent to the Modernist schools where they learned less than their parents or were sent to the public schools where they learned nothing of the Faith but were shielded from the direct assaults of the heretics in the schools that claimed to be Catholic.

This first generation after the false council of Vatican II saw many situations of the spiritually blind parents leading their more blind children down a road that would lead to the second generation of children being nothing more that baptized pagans, if that.

There have been situations where the families were decently educated in basics of the Faith, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule. The education cannot be said to have been complete simply because they chose to remain with the heretics of the Modernist sect.

There is an ongoing blind spot among “well-meaning conservative” Catholics in the Modernist sect. They are convinced they must remain with what they perceive to be the Catholic Church although they have witnessed heresy being preached, written or taught. Little do they understand (if they were taught) that Catholics are obliged to end all association with heretics once they understand what is taking place.

Apparently they know little of their Catholic history. Lay Catholics have come face to face with heretics throughout the two-thousand year history of the Church. Sometimes they made the right decision and at other times the wrong decision was made. Arius and Luther did not go to Hell alone. There is no indication as to how many parents made the wrong decision in the fifth and sixteenth centuries especially, and misled their children.

As a side note: Fr. Joseph has spoken to numerous Hispanic persons in West Texas who are now practicing Protestants. One wonders how generations in the past were they practicing Catholics? How do I know they were once Catholics? Some have retained the use of the Sign of the Cross, own a Rosary or have addressed me as Father. It is quite telling when a middle-aged Hispanic man, while leaving the Protestant church across the street from Corpus Christi Church on a Sunday morning, waves and says “Hi, Father.” I have been told of numerous others who attend this same church who bless themselves before they eat a meal.

Unfortunately, the twentieth and twenty-first centuries will be no different from the past. One does not know how many generations will be lost. Recent history has evolved from being concerned with the loss of the Faith of a person, then a family and now entire generations of Catholics.

To believe someone is safe from eternal damnation is approaching the subject far too naively. All Catholics have been subject to the assaults of the Devils and their own personal failures. In a world where the Faith is assaulted on all sides all of the time, the uneducated and uninformed are particularly vulnerable.

There are far too many Catholics who have little understanding of the war that has been taking place within the Church. By this time they should know, but because they do not know it is a clear indication of either their ignorance of the Faith or their indifference. Whichever it is, the effect upon the second and now third generation of those who would otherwise be Catholic is devastating beyond description.

Some of the effects have been a dramatic increase in mixed marriages, marriages outside the Church, hundreds of millions of Catholics leaving the Church, artificial contraception being used by about 90% of “Catholic” couples today, a wrong understanding of the Mystical Body of Christ and the One True Church resulting in mass religious indifference, wide use of abortion, a dramatic drop in general morality (living in sin, among others), etc.

It is no wonder there are less than 20% of the Catholics in the Modernist Church who attend their “mass” each weekend”! What is it that supernaturally draws them to attend? Is it the opportunity to speak to their friends in the “gathering spaces” or is it the songs they sing to Gaia (an ancient Greek false god who is recognized in some Modernist churches!)?

The serious tragedy is that the apostasy from the Faith continues to produce fallen-away Catholics by the generation, unbaptized grandchildren and great-grandchildren, neo-Protestants now attending numerous Protestant sects or starting their own, and a growing indifferentism concerning the True Faith.

As a result of this general apostasy, families no longer attend Sunday Mass together, celebrate Christmas and Easter as religious holydays, discuss the important moral issues of the day (abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, invitro, proper modesty, etc.), pray the Rosary together each evening, celebrate Baptisms and First Holy Communions with large family gatherings and continue other local Catholic customs.

An added topic that seems to be rarely discussed except among True Catholics is the avoidance of womanly degradation. This deplorable situation continues to worsen even among otherwise decent Catholic women. The lack of common decency and decorum plunges so many women to depths which would otherwise be thinkable or permitable fifty years ago. Far too many women present themselves in public as nothing more than loose women of the past. They have become a mass of non-thinking females who are only concerned with fashion and style. Modesty and purity be damned!

The apostasy is certainly universal. It has devastated Europe faster than the United States. The Freemasons began their plan of destruction decades before it was implemented in the U. S. A. The Modernists, working with the Freemasons, have completed the destruction. Now you have the legal invasion of the Moslem sect which for so long was fought and defeated by Catholic warriors. The depth of the apostasy in Rome is illustrated in the statements of Jorge Bergoglio (a.k.a. Pope Francis) who has condemned Catholic Europe and its efforts in the past to remain Catholic while presenting a grand welcoming mat to those Moslems who would cut off the heads of all Catholics including the Marxist heretic leader himself!

The world and the family have become a devastated wasteland with lost souls filling the streets of the cities and the fields of the countryside. There is the occasional live, loyal, Catholic soul who fights on regardless of the battles which take place around him. He know the importance of remaining in the state of grace, attending only the True Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, receiving the Sacraments and avoiding all occasions of sin when possible in this immoral world. His loyalty is to Christ and His Bride, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, not the false church of the Modernists. It continues to cost faithful Catholics dearly. Families are divided, sometimes permanently, because of the Faith. Those generations of Catholics of many racial, cultural and nationalistic backgrounds who ought to be gathering on Sundays and Holydays in their respective local Catholic Churches to assist the priest in celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and receiving the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist are now scattered to the four winds of the Freemasons, Jews, pagan gods and ultimately to Hell.

Those family members who suffer through a spiritual martyrdom because of the loss of their loved ones who have left or never knew the Faith experience a grief in some small way similar to that of Our Lord when He cried over Jerusalem. He cried because the Jews of His time did not recognize their “moment of salvation.” It is quite safe to say that those apostasized Catholics of today did not recognize their “moment of salvation, either. Yes, it is a good and wholesome thought to pray and cry for the spiritually dead even while they live.

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM