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Cultural Communism


March 28, 2018

For many, to speak of going to war with the Communists implies a battle where lives are lost and numberless others are injured. Homes are destroyed, nations are brought to their knees or simply cease to exist. The greatest fear of the world for seventy years was a nuclear war where billions would be killed and the world as we know it would be altered for centuries to come.

The Communists were able through their military to invade and conquer many nations. They also knew, though, they would not be able to invade and militarily conquer the United States. The plan, therefore, was to infiltrate the government and society as a whole. The Communists would use their agents to undermine the government and its laws and through means of stealth undermine the patriotism and loyalty of its citizens.

It is an unfortunate fact as one has witnessed in recent years that the Communists have been quite successful. Patriotism and the love of the God-given rights one has been able to possess in this country has waned in such a manner that many hate this country and now advocate for Socialism or Communism.

How has this been possible since, at one time the nation seemed to be so united against Communism? The answer is both simple and complex at the same time.

The simple answer would seem to be that in the best of nations you will always have traitors. People will betray their native land for various reasons. Perhaps they lost a loved one in a previous war, or they have been bribed with women, money or power. Some simply have been at odds with the principles upon which this country was founded.

It did not take long before Communists infiltrated the federal government. Numerous traitors were discovered before 1960. Hollywood was promoting Communism in their movies and television programs prior to World War II and certainly in the 1950’smand 60’s. Catholics were some of those believed the lies of these godless totalitarianists.

There are Catholics today who know little or nothing of the infiltration of Communist agents who became “priests” to undermine and destroy the Church. No one knows how many agents infiltrated the Church, but through the testimony of former agents it is known to be in the thousands. May one consider it was through these agents that Vatican II was called and used to overthrow the Church?

The Communists certainly used the non-violent methods to their advantage. The previously mentioned methods are those which are known, if only then by a small number of people. There have been other methods which have, and still are, not known as well to the common mass of society. Perhaps the least recognized methods are those which have been slowly placed into the educational systems.

The Communists used the public school systems at first to indoctrinate children of all ages. It is a known fact that the NEA (National Education Association) began to incorporate Communism/Socialism in their curriculum in the 1960’s. Their efforts which continue today have been quite successful in undermining love of this country and promoting socialism and Communism. At least in part they have done this by teaching that Communism is just another form of government, as though there were no real dangers to the ordinary citizen.

It did not take long for Communism to take hold on the college campuses. The violent anti-war riots and protests which took place during the Vietnam War were clear signals to the patriots of the time.

Once the Modernists took over the Catholic school systems, a similar program was carried out to indoctrinate the naïve and unsuspecting schoolchildren. Now you know why there has been such an anti-patriotic mentality among so many college-age students on the so-called Catholic campuses for many years. These schools have been attacked simultaneously from two fronts for many years. The Modernists have sought to destroy the faith of these young adults while the Communists on campus undermined their love of country. It has been no mere accident that college campuses have been the cultural incubators for this country for over fifty years.

There is a parallel example of this quiet cultural war in the Catholic Church. It is the documented statements of Bella Dodd before the United States House of Representatives Subcommittee of the Committee on Un-American Activities November 16, 1953. She testified under oath of the Stalinist plan to recruit young Communist men for the purpose of infiltrating the Catholic Church. She stated that she was responsible for recruiting 1,100 men into the Church. She also stated that these men would teach the Faith as priests but once they were monsignors or bishops they would then begin to compromise and deny the Faith, thus undermining the faith of the laity. In other words, there was a quiet revolution taking place well before Vatican II. Once this false council was convened, the traitors in the Church would then create a situation through their ambiguous and misleading documents to bring about a spiritual revolution unlike anything the Church has previously experienced. Catholics do not usually think of it in these terms but the spiritual revolution of the Modernists brought about an entirely different culture, one which is not Catholic but quite anti-Catholic.

In more recent years, political correctness has influenced society unlike anything one has seen before. Political correctness is nothing less than disguised thought control. When the average person is not willing to do that which is correct due to the opinions of others and perhaps most of society, there is an essential problem occurring among men. This problem goes well beyond simple human respect, but works to control the unthinking masses down the road to giving up their right to speak openly and freely. The mind manipulators indeed wish to squash the patriotic and free person wherever they may live. Most importantly, souls are lost because of bad decisions.

Among Catholics, led by the treasonous hierarchy, there is little tolerance for true doctrine and Tradition. Yes, there has been political correctness within the Modernist Church. This is but one of the methods used by the Modernists (clerical Communists), but a very effective one indeed.

In 2018, there is a growing desire among college-age students (no surprise here) to live under Communism/Socialism, thinking this is better than the system of government which currently exists in the United States. For those who are old enough to remember, this is a frightening flashback to the campus riots of the 1960’s. Please note that violent revolution has been a part of both. These naïve and misguided youth believe they are the “great idealists” but the fact is, there is nothing logical or reasonable about Communism, and, therefore, ideal. The Communists of the Leninist era and those of today have, among other things, one thing in common. They must create a false hope in the hearts and minds of its blind followers.

It is a sad indictment of mankind that so many people in various parts of the world have fallen for the lies of those who would take away all basic human rights from the individual and strip them of the freedom of publicly adoring the One True God in the One True Religion and call it paradise.

The only place one is able to find true culture as so ordained by God is within the Roman Catholic Church. All else is an erroneous dream filled with false hope.

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM