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Catholic Education and the Ignorance of the Past – Part 1


October 28, 2017

One of the earliest changes which took place in the Catholic Church in the 1960’s was the elimination of teaching Catholic doctrine in the different levels of the Catholic school system. A significant additional change was the elimination of the teachings Sisters in the elementary schools. Within a few short years the Catholic school education had been undermined by the clergy who were given the responsibility of properly educating the youth.

In hindsight, it seems as though few parents understand what was taking place. Fewer still understood the enormity of the betrayal.

It hardly took a generation before the tragic effects of no longer teaching the True Faith in the classroom would be seen by the more astute Catholics. The Modernists wanted the average Catholic to be ignorant of the Faith so as to more easily control and fool them. Perhaps their true goal was to undermine the Faith of the lay Catholic and eventually bring down the Church with it. It didn’t take long before the “foundations” of the Church began to crumble.

The Catholic schoolchildren were not only being deprived of the basic catechism, their Catholic heritage was being torn out from under them. One now has the benefit of looking back and understanding the decisions which were made in the 1960’s and 70’s. The decisions were too thorough to be mere happenstance.

A short overview will provide the reader with a more detailed understanding. Depending upon in which diocese you lived, the religion texts of Catholic elementary, high school and colleges was changed in the mid-1960’s. This fact alone is interesting. The anti-Council of Vatican II had just ended in 1965. How is it that texts throughout the school systems, at least in the U. S., were being printed either before the Council ended or just afterwards? Either the promoters of the “new religion” were geniuses and were able to put together a multitude of books within a year or two, or they were planning these texts for several years and were simply waiting the “light to turn green” before they distributed these heretical books.

This writer experienced this first-hand. I was taught the Baltimore Catechism in the First, Second and Third Grades (the school years 1962-63, 63-64 and 64-65). Suddenly, in the Fourth Grade I was “introduced” to the infamous Sadler Series of books. From the Fourth through the Eighth Grades the students were fed these heretical books. Schools plan at least a few years in advance their respective curriculums. One can only wonder how far in advance these books had been planned. The texts for high schools and colleges would require more planning. Did these Modernist heretics begin writing these books prior to Vatican II?

The greatest tragedy of this “new education” for a “new religion” is the ignorance of the Faith, causing the loss of Faith, or never possessing it from the beginning. According to general calculations, a third generation of Catholics is now being “educated” in the Modernist religion. Is it any wonder that only about 20% of U. S. Catholics are now practicing the “New Faith.”

At nearly the same time the texts were being changed, the teaching Sisters were being told to leave the schools. Apparently the founding purposes of these religious communities were no longer important. They must now take off their habits and live as lay Catholics. Perhaps the large wardrobe of clothes, jewelry, etc. would now make them relevant in the Modern world! They were to elevate their spiritual mission by selling insurance, real estate or Mary Kay Cosmetics! (I kid you not!) One wonders why more Sisters did not leave their communities and form “Catholic” communities.

In the 1970’s, the clergy and religious found excuses not to have the parochial school children attend Mass each day. Children’s choirs had been discontinued.

The hemlines of the girl’s uniform skirts and jumpers were now the unacceptable miniskirts. One has wondered over the years how the Sisters tolerated such immodesty, but they did. The impurity and immodesty of the time led to promiscuity between the all-girls schools and the all-boys schools. Pregnant Catholic teen-age girls had become too commonplace. One Rochester, NY “Catholic” all-girls was nicknamed by the girls themselves (circa 1981) as “the home for unwed mothers!”

It was around the same time that U. S. Bishops began sex-education programs in the elementary and high schools. Parents loudly protested but to no avail. Apparently, these clerics were determined to destroy the morals of the Catholic youth. Once again looking back over 30 years the youth did not need much help. There really wasn’t much difference between the environments of the “Catholic” and public schools. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is the lack of hypocrisy in the public schools.

It is amazing to this writer that so many parents were clueless about the destruction of the schools. It seems as though they accepted the lies of the clergy. Nearly 50 years later, unbelievably, some parents are not aware of the heresies which have been taught in the schools for nearly 50 years.

The Modernists were indeed thorough, teaching heresies and corrupting morals at the same time. That pattern has continued to this day, undermining Catholic souls for two generations with nothing but an act of God to stop them!

Herein lies the point of this article. It wasn’t just the catechisms and religion books which were changed, nor was it only the morals which were corrupted. It wasn’t just the Sisters, Brothers and priests who were removed from the schools, nor was it simply the Mass which is now nothing more than a Lutheran communion service or the Sacraments which were quietly changed enough to question their validity.

It is all of these and more. Our Catholic heritage and culture have been ripped away in the most devious manner possible. In the name of what is supposed to be a good, the greatest possible evils have befallen the Church. Holy Mother Church is nothing more than a shadow of its former self. There are a rapidly decreasing number of Catholics who have an acceptable understanding of the Faith, and further still, have a minimal grasp of the Catholic Culture which has been handed down from our Catholic ancestors.

Far too many Catholics believe they need only to learn the basic catechism and attend Mass on Sunday to be considered a good, practicing Catholic. This mediocrity has, in 50 years brought the Church to a spiritual precipice, with many having already fallen into the adjoining hellish gorge.

Fortunately, there are a small number of Catholics who wish to live the True Faith. Among them are parents or soon-to-be parents. They have the best of motives in desiring to conduct themselves as True Catholics in a pagan world, but they have the most basic of problems and a large number of them are not aware of the problem.

To be Continued

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM